Jan 21


Jan 21

Don’t Let Uncle Sam Spoil Your Retirement

税收只是生活的一部分,但你不应该支付超过你需要支付的. 在退休计划中实施税收策略是很重要的,这有助于保护你辛辛苦苦攒下的钱. 这里有一些策略,你可以用来帮助防止山姆大叔破坏环亚ag88登录退休生活: 

Understand Your Situation 

Knowledge is power, 要改善环亚ag88登录财务状况,最重要的事情就是教育自己. 重要的是你知道你在哪里,这样你就能更好地理解你要去哪里. 第一步是从联邦政府列出的七个纳税等级中确定环亚ag88登录纳税等级.1 知道环亚ag88登录收入等级可以帮助你了解你在工作和退休时应该交多少税. 你还应该了解你所能享受的税收减免和税收抵免以及两者之间的区别. 另一个重要的考虑是保持准确的记录你每年的税收. 

Determine Your Strategy 

确定环亚ag88登录策略的一个重要方面是知道你有哪些账户, including 401(k)s, IRAs, pensions, etc. 你需要确定哪些账户最适合环亚ag88登录具体情况. Maybe you want to avoid paying taxes until you have to, or perhaps you can afford to take a little more risk now. Once you know where your money is going, you’ll want to determine the best strategy for eventually withdrawing it, which will have a vast impact on how the money is taxed. You’ll likely spend years growing your accounts tax-free, but once it comes times to withdraw, you’ll notice a significant amount lost to taxes. There are also various penalties you could face for withdrawing too soon. 这样做的目的是通过仔细计划取出钱的最佳方式,将环亚ag88登录账户受到的打击最小化.  

Enlist a Financial Professional 

The tasks listed above can seem overwhelming, but the good news is you don’t have to go through the process alone. Financial professionals like us are here to be a resource for you. 我们可以帮助你更好地了解环亚ag88登录现状,并帮助你制定一个计划,让你去你想去的地方. 我们还可以帮助您确定最佳的税务申报策略,并帮助您发现您可能不知道的税收抵免和扣减. 我们的工作是在环亚ag88登录财务旅程中帮助你,并回答你在这个过程中可能遇到的任何问题.  

Taxes are a source of stress for many people. 然而,有许多适当的策略可以使您更容易地完成这个过程. Understand your current financial situation, determine your contribution and withdrawal strategies, and let us help take care of the rest. Remember that financial education is one of your greatest resources, and the more you know, the better chance you’ll have to meet your goals. 

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