Mar 20


Mar 20

What’s in Your Pension?

In October of 2019, GE announced 它打算冻结2万员工的养老金并提供买断 100,000 more. 之后,美联储表示将加强其401(k)计划.

All that means is they’re 把你保证的钱投入到市场中,你作为通用电气 employee have to manage it yourself.

We’re seeing this kind of thing more and more outside of GE, too. More responsibility on you as the 消费者,以及其他可以考虑的选择,比如一次性付款.

Here’s what you need to 要明白:环亚ag88登录退休金取决于提供它的公司. At the 同时,你知道环亚ag88登录养老金里到底有多少吗 funded? Could it be underfunded?

I’ve looked at many pensions with unnecessary risks in the market. Many of them extend their risk profile because they can’t get actual fixed income. When a pension is guaranteeing you 每年5%-7%,而珍宝和短期cd约为2%,这是数学上的结果 not check out for security.

Let’s talk about what happens when you do choose to take the lump sum option. If your company offers you a 40万美元的买断费,你拿了,你突然就赚了 一年40万美元,现在你必须考虑如何纳税?

Luckily, the answer’s no. 这些钱被存入个人退休帐户(IRA),在那里可以延期缴税. You’ll pay taxes on 你每年都要取出一笔钱. You can bank that money and continually grow it tax-deferred. You have full control over it.

But that means now you’re in the pilot’s seat of your future. 不再有自动每月工资的保证 for the rest of your life. 问题是你准备好面对那种 responsibility? 你能保证退休后不会把钱花光吗?

Back to GE: The company is 在市场繁荣的时候被迫重新发放养老金. What happens when the market lulls or corrects itself? I think if the market drops, GE will be the 第一个提出买断或冻结的公司.

So what will you choose to do with your pension? Are you ready for those kinds of decisions? I advise you to 做调查,找一个你信任的可以帮你分析的顾问.